E3 2009: Rise of the Mo-Cons

I’ll be updating the site with impressions of what I’ve seen today, but one thing is crystal clear: motion controls are in: WAY in. Both Microsoft and Sony showed off new motion controllers, with MS by far taking the lead in a “next gen” motion control system. Sony’s by comparison is more of a “wiimote evolved” scenario, which is all well and good. I’m a fan of the wiimote, after all, so Sony’s approach feels like a natural extension of that, at least from what we’ve seen.

Beyond that, we also have the new Tony Hawk skateboard controller, which from what I saw is very impressive. Not to be forgotten, of course, is Nintendo’s own Wii motion plus, which finally brings true 1:1 control to that platform.

For me, this sudden flood of motion controllers is in many ways Nintendo’s vindication; yes, they shipped a system with less horsepower than Sony or MS, but they took a gamble with motion control that paid off so well that they have now redirected the efforts of Microsoft, Sony and the entire games industry. Love or hate the Wii, there’s no longer any way to deny it: Nintendo was right.

E3 2009: we’re here!

So we got here and got checked in, but what have we learned? That the press room is hotter than hell (games journalists don’t need air conditioning!), the show floor is eerily closed until noon and the wifi sucks so bad that I’m actually better off posting from my iPhone.

E3 Digested

This was the first of what I am sure will be many E3’s for me. My initial desire was to run in, check stuff out, run to the press room and post about it, then run back to the show floor, but the actual experience was much different than that. The first thing I learned about the E3 show is that it’s huge. Frickin’ Huge, I might
even say. I started wit’ mah possee at the West Hall, where Sony and Nintendo’s enormous booths were located and slowly worked my way through the hell that is the show floor, or rather, one of the show floors.

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