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To Underworld and back again

[singlepic=40,160,90,,left]The story of one character’s trip across the wastes…

Imagine for a moment – a book that writes itself. All you would need to be is that character, be placed in that world, have it be an interesting setting that you can interact with on many levels, and the ‘story’ would flow from that point. Fallout 3 is that ‘book’. Sure, you can follow the quests (whether main or side), but you don’t have to – there is tons to see and do aside from that. You might still stumble into the occasional quest that starts suddenly, but you can always back off – no one is forcing you do it, or even complete them.

I have played quite a bit of Fallout 3, and I suppose now is a good time for a review, although – maybe a bit late. I have also played Fallout 3 as a “good guy”, “bad gal” and a “neutral guy.” Bear in mind, I have had no experience with previous Fallout games, so I will not be making any sour whining noises about that, and how ‘it does not meet my sex fantasy expectations of what a dream game needs to be’ – blah, blah, blah.

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Anecdotally, 360 ain’t in da house!

For the sake of curiosity I spent a little time wandering the local stores after the Xbox 360 price cut. I live in a fairly major metropolitan area (Orange County, CA) so it’s fair to say that there is a pretty high population density here. While anyone could have easily predicted an upsurge in 360 sales, what I found was pretty shocking: Not a single 360 of any flavor in stock anywhere. My visits included a couple of Targets, Wal Marts, Best Buy, Circuit City, and even a Gamestop. Not one place had a single 360.

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Mass Effect goes Gold!

W00t! Probably the second most anticipated game of the year, Mass Effect, has gone gold! Boy, I tell you, it’s a good thing I haven’t bought a PS3 yet, between stroking the Wii, 360 and DS this fall there’d be a console cat fight for sure!

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New Indiana Jones Game Headed for 360

On the last day of E3 LucasArts finally opened up their exclusive booth to the expo attendees, that did not have previous appointments, and after a short wait in line I was able to catch a glimpse of the new Indiana Jones title being developed for the Xbox 360.

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Zuma: Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360

The first time I played Zuma was on the PC, where much like the Xbox 360 version, the gameplay is simple yet challenging. By the time I reached the second level I was hooked on Zuma’s addictive gameplay.
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