Unreal Engine

UBS takes 12th overall!

So after a harrowing week in which I forgot to renew the domain name for the website, it’s all back up and running like new again, thank goodness. To make matters a little more pleasant, I’m pleased to report that the Ugly Baby Studios team’s short film “Double Vision” has placed 12th overall in the A3F 2006 Film Festival competition.

For those who don’t know the specifics, The UBS team was up against 64 other teams this year, which cranked out a staggering 56 short films to compete against.

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UT2007 Modding

I spent a short time talking with James Brown, Lead level designer for Epic Games about MOD’ing using the Unreal Engine 3.0. The main question on my mind was how easy it will be to convert a UT2004 MOD to the UT2007 Framework. His response was that it is very difficult because they have changed the core of the engine, but it still can be done. On the bright side, the engine supports weapon models with 1000 to 3000 polygons, an incredible increase from Unreal engine 2.0’s support for weapons with only 300 to 600 polygons.More information will be forthcoming as I continue to talk with Mr. Brown in the near future.

Unreal Tournament 2007 Announced!

Source: BeyondUnreal

The long-discussed Unreal Engine 3 based game, formerly codenamed “Envy” by Epic Games, has now been officially announced and will be showing behind closed doors at E3 later this month. From the screenshots posted today (some of which are reposts) the game looks to be one of the most gorgeous of the upcoming generation, certainly looking to appeal to those for whom eye-candy is everything.

According to the article, UT2007 will not be in any way an extension of the UT2003/4 codebase but is an entirely new game built from scratch on the new engine. It should feature numerous new vehicles, possibly with destructible components, 8 team support and numerous new gametypes.