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New Logo! A3F Film!

So as if the fact that it’s now almost 10 years after the original 1986 Transformers movie took place (2005 seemed so…distant, back then) weren’t enough, I’ve just had a heck of a weekend. Most visible to you, dear visitor, will be the shiny new logo you see atop this glistening (if you spray your monitor down, anyway) website. Drawn by arteest extraordinaire Kelley Frisby, the new logo retains what was awesome about the old one (baby in a bag!), dumps what was so obscure about it (the pacifier, which almost nobody ever noticed) and adds a new “character” to the mix: the freaked-out bottle. Cute as shit.

But here’s the big fun: this weekend just past, from February 14th to 16th, I worked on a short animated film for the Almost Famous Film Festival in Phoenix, AZ, with the aforementioned Kelley Frisby, Linnea Lieberman and Eva Sowinski. I wrote and directed the piece, recorded the audio, composited the video and, finally, edited the damn thing. I don’t think I’m allowed to post it publicly just yet (which is fine, I’m tweaking the edit for public consumption anyway), but once I’m sure I won’t violate any festival rules and I’ve gotten the edit to a place I’m happy with, I’ll be sure to upload and share it. Until then, just stare at the pretty new logo. Ooooh…aaahhh!

And we’re back!

So, you can probably tell that a couple of things have happened. First off, we’re back. Yay us! Second, the site’s different now…like WAY different. We’ve taken an exciting plunge and dumped our previous content management system, Joomla, in favor of the vastly superior WordPress blogging system. For our needs, WordPress is simply a better fit and offers far more features with a great deal less management hassle, and we’re excited to be joining the very large community of WordPress bloggers out there.

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Welcome to Ugly Baby Studios

After somewhat of an extended “hiatus”, the UBS team is returning to the web. In the coming weeks you’ll see our new site evolve into a busy community with news, updates on our projects, artwork and tons of
discussion on all aspects of game and animation development.
New to the site, we’ll be talking about and promoting our Film Projects, which is a new passion that’s taken root in the UBS Team. We can’t wait to share some of our ideas and creations with you, so be sure to check
back regularly! See you soon!
The UBS Team