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Blogs I Like (and Why I Like Them)

So if you’ve ever glanced a bit to the right of one of my posts, you may have noticed that one of my link categories includes “blogs I like”. What you don’t get is much of an explanation of why it is that I like these particular blogs. In order to rectify that a bit, I thought I’d take a moment and discuss each one just briefly. Hopefully that will provide a little insight into the world through my eyes, and perhaps even offer a little thank you to those who run these blogs. Don’t forget to read the whole post after the break! You can either click the link below the post or click the title to get the full scoop!

FreeSpace: This is the website of my friend Tim Sandefur, someone whom I’ve known for well over half my life and who is always at the ready with advice, constructive thoughts and a helluva lot of perspective on a lot of issues.

His blog primarily focuses on the political and philosophical meaning of events in America and the world, and his perspective is always extremely learned and well articulated. We don’t always agree (mostly because I simply haven’t the background to often understand the “big picture” of some kinds of events in the way a trained person such as Tim does), but I always find a new understanding and a richer perspective by reading his work.

Beyond that, I should also mention that in the many years that Tim and I have been friends I have also been well acquainted and at many times close to his parents Mark and Julie, and his cousin Danny. They are each of them exemplary people who have made an epic difference in my life and have served as examples to me of what a person can reach for and achieve with hard work, hope and optimism. I haven’t invested nearly enough effort in staying in closer contact with them in recent years, a fact that I need to change. Thanks, Tim-both for your friendship and for that of your awesome family.

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