style and substance

A brand new face!

If you’re reading this, either I am dead and someone has finished up the site’s new face or–and this is far more likely–I’ve finally just sorted out the CSS and made the new face for the site work. I prefer to think it’s the latter option because although I am dead tired, I would like to hope that typing at 3AM is an indication of life in my bones yet.

Ahhhh…that feels better. We’ve gained a little width (part of getting older I’m afraid; even websites aren’t immune) and dipped into both the darker and lighter color palettes, and as you can see from the all new header, we finally have a logo (even if it is just text, it’s Damn Cool text!). As anyone familiar with web design can tell, I’ve also left some spaces open for expansion, and while those look a tiny bit awkward right now I’ll tell you this much: they won’t for too much longer.

Do feel free to drop a comment to let me know what you think of the new face of Damn Short Stories, and be sure to keep checking back. Now that the style is in place, substance is sure to follow.