PS3 loses feature after feature

In addition to Sony’s previously reported theft of Nintendo’s Wii controller idea (specifically the gyroscopic sensor system), we’ve learned some interesting additional information concerning Sony’s Dual SKU sales model (attentive gamers will recall Sony’s criticism of Microsoft’s dual-SKU model, on which Sony President Phil Harrison said “it just confuses the audience…They don’t know which one to buy, developers don’t know
which one to create for, and retailers don’t know which one to stock
” and will scoff at said hypocrisy accordingly). If all you heard was Harrison, Kutaragi and Hirai talking up the two PS3 versions in the press conference, you’d think that the only difference between the PS3 Core and PS3 premium was the size of the
hard drive. Turns out, nothing could be further from the truth. Let’s take a look at the facts, and we’ll use Sony’s press release to do it.

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Sony STEALS Nintendo’s controller!

In an act that should piss off gamers everywhere, Sony has OFFICIALLY stolen Nintendo’s controller idea. You read right, folks: PS3’s controller will duplicate the functionality of Nintendo’s Wii controller, sensing direction and position in 3D space. Howard Stringer even went so far as call it “Sony’s Innovation”.

This news is beyond pathetic.

Nintendo still owns Handheld market, and Sony’s pissed


Like a screaming child who’s come to the realization that he’s not getting his way, Sony’s now resorted to calling the DS names. That’s right, folks, Sony’s own Phil Harrison, VP of development, has now resorted to calling the DS “a gimmick”. Well, Phil, maybe it’s a gimmick, but if it is, it’s a gimmick that’s kicking your ass.

What amazes me about these interviews and these incredibly arrogant statements from the Sony camp of late (apparently Kutaragi’s head-in-ass syndrome is spreading) is that it never comes down to them doing anything wrong, making any mistakes, failing to meet the needs of the audience. No, with Sony it always comes down to the calling of names and assertions that the competition isn’t as good or now, that they’re defining feature is a “gimmick”.

This, of course, brings up some other questions.

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SOE has acquired The Matrix Online

Sony Online Entertainment now owns The Matrix Online, a massively multiplayer online game. SOE
president John Smedley stated “We will take steps to continue the same high level of service that subscribers have come to expect from The Matrix Online game.  Because of our compelling work in developing and launching that game we can now move it over to the leaders in the MMO space, SOE.”

Sony loses mind, sues the hands that feed them

According to an article at The Register, Sony has now decided to sue retailers in the UK who’ve been importing PSP handhelds to sell to eager customers.

Apparently Sony has decided that the best way to ensure a product’s success and build a loyal fanbase is to sue those who sell your products for you. As if they didn’t already piss off the European audience enough by pulling their PSP preorders and shipments in order to sell a million on day one of the US release (you know, that shipment that’s still trying to be sold out?), thereby pushing the European launch by 6 months due to their inability to supply an adequate quantity of the units.

The bright side of that news, of course, is that Europeans have been gobbling up the competition like crazy, with the Nintendo DS selling out 77% of its stock (over 500,000 units) within the first 2 weeks of its March launch. With clever decisions and ramifications like this, maybe Sony’s inevitable downhill slide in the Game Console market has finally begun. Personally, I hope it’s a spectacular fall.