Site Maintenance

A new year, a new look!

I know, I know, we JUST changed the look. It’s a bit soon to be making the change, but we felt that the new look, while a pretty good improvement over the old one, just wasn’t quite popping for us. Consequently we’ve moved onward, upward, forward, and here we stand. Whaddya think?

And we’re back!

So, you can probably tell that a couple of things have happened. First off, we’re back. Yay us! Second, the site’s different now…like WAY different. We’ve taken an exciting plunge and dumped our previous content management system, Joomla, in favor of the vastly superior WordPress blogging system. For our needs, WordPress is simply a better fit and offers far more features with a great deal less management hassle, and we’re excited to be joining the very large community of WordPress bloggers out there.

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Forgive the mess…

UPDATE: What you see now is close to the final new look of the site. Expect a few tweaks here and there, as well as a regular addition of new content going forward. Welcome back!

Previously on Ugly Baby Studios:

After a long hiatus this year, we’re finally preparing to rebuild, revise and relaunch the Ugly Baby Studios website. Fear not–the look you see today is not final, but lookout for our new face in the next 48 hours!

I’m heading out the door to E3–excuse me, E for All–and will have new info, new…news, and an all new look for an exciting new year!