really old poetry


A colorful metaphor
Exquisite and pearl
A bright shiny warmth
Implicit in you

Shining as diamond
Gleaming as hope
Igniting inside me
Boundless in scope

An embrace of acceptance
Hand on my soul
Eyes seeing my heart
Your reflection of me

Kiss on emotions
You somehow evoke
A vision I treasure
Of fires you stoke

And I of you dream
On soft pillow’d thoughts
Exposing all to you
Of the heart that burns hot.


Who Am I?

Who am I?
A stranger
Moving silently
Down through time
Forward through life

Who am I?
I often wonder
And ponder of me
Creating anew
What I cannot see

Who am I?
You ask as if I knew
Even after I
Asked the question of you

Who am I?
You say you don’t know
And I don’t think you’d lie

Who am I, indeed?
The man you seek, the one you need
Who are you?


The Wandering Minstrel

A wand’ring minstrel played me a tune
And sang of adventures so grand
With dragons and dungeons
And treasure hoards in distant lands

His hammers dulcimer rang in the night
And a crowd gathered round to see
And to listen and hear the tale he wove
As he played out his story to me

Of swordsmen and virtue
His words echoed proud
Of wizards and magic
He sang to the crowd

Then suddenly, suddenly,
A quiet impressed
As the minstrel brought somber
A lute to his breast

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Can you feel how Fanciful’s
The world I take you to,
With lakes and streams and talking trees
Who’ll tell their stories just to you

Look at how lovely Fanciful’s
The world I create
Behold the majestic unicorn!
Let your mind imaginate

See how tender is the Fanciful
Where sweet faeries float and play
Carried along by magic wings
There’s just so much to say!

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Go Back to Then

They claim the mysteries of the heart are pure
But here, alone, I’m not so sure

My mind drifts loosely in the sleepless night
While moths dance joyous in the firelight

My soul feels empty and incomplete
Comfortable misery in metaphoric sleet

And my heart which beats here in my chest
Feels melancholy and has done it’s best

To understand the mysteries of true love
The darkened flight of passion’s dove

And I never, ever found the truth
Love struck too soon within my youth

Its mysteries all to me were lost
In youth’s folly, love’s the cost

I paid the price, now I can say
I’d give my life for another way

To solve the mysteries, know true love again
I hold her picture, remember when
A time, I wish I could go back, to then.