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Damn Short Stories

So there’s this fantastic new site you’ve just GOT to check out! It’s called Damn Short Stories , and it’s a combination of a personal blog and a Short Story site. It has a very interesting angle in that it focuses on stories that are only one page long, with the goal of presenting a high level of polish in the space of that one page. OK, OK, you caught me: it’s my site. While on occasion I’ve posted a personal blog or two here at the Ugly Baby Studios team site (sorry guys), from now on all my personal work and story work will appear on that site instead.

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And in the days after…

It is now 4 days and 7 hours since my father passed away. As is always the case, more of reality has emerged and more facts revealed than anyone could have guessed, perhaps except for me, because I finally understood my father years ago. It’s that understanding that drove me away from him, and it’s that understanding that, I hear, now illuminates for others why I walked away.

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The Moments After the Call

So this is it. The moment after the call came in. The moment after my dad has finally died. What is in this moment? I can’t call it pain. I certainly can’t call it joy. Confusion might be overkill. I know what this is:

It’s the end of a man to whom I desperately tried to connect as a child, and haven’t really even spoken to in 10 years. It’s not completely true, of course, the 10 year bit. I spoke to him for about 3 hours this past Christmas. I spoke to him two hours ago as my sister held the phone to his ear in the hospital as he lay in a coma, dying.

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