Maybe this is why Wii is so very popular…

[singlepic=41,160,120,,left]Although Executive flame wars like those routinely highlighting mega-gaming blogs can be a lot of fun (after all, who doesn’t enjoy reading about Sony’s crackpot comments or Microsoft’s clueless retorts?), ultimately they just make the companies involved look a little…juvenile. We all love to laugh at (insert company name here) when they make fools of themselves, and when they do, the blogs love it because they get page traffic like there’s no tomorrow.

But what these things ultimately end up engendering rarely reaches beyond the level of pissing off Group A, Group B or both. It doesn’t take much effort to find a PS3/360 related flame war on the net, after all.

Then enter Nintendo, who’s Wii has become the utterly undisputed champion of this generation, nearly matching the combined sales of both its competitors, a goal it will likely reach this quarter. When we see mention of Nintendo in the press it’s usually in the context of how their new system and its software is helping someone. The elderly. The sick. The Injured. The Children.

One of the best examples I’ve seen of this is a posting on mega-gaming blog Kotaku today, proclaiming that Wii Fit Helps Paralyzed Girl Walk Again. I’m sure it’s overstated, I’m sure it had more to do with her doctors than Wii fit itself did, but the effect on perception is profound all the same.

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New Zelda for 2K9?

[singlepic=38,160,120,,left] As reported over at mega-blog Kotaku, Analyst Colin Sebastian joins always-ready-with-a-prediction Michael Pachter in stating that he expects Nintendo to ship a brand new Zelda title in time for Holiday 2009. Now, at the risk of sounding all naysayerish, duh. I mean seriously, Holiday 2009 will mark 3 years since the last console Zelda title shipped, that title has obviously worn off some of its polish–and let’s face it, it wasn’t really a native Wii game anyway, it was a ported Gamecube game. A nice launch title, to be sure, but let’s not pretend it was something other than what it is, OK? I hate that shit.

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Nintendo issues “Wii Safety” bulletin

Apparently taking the issue of people getting overzealous in their Wii playing seriously, Nintendo has issued an email–presumably just to registered users, of which I am one–asking users to be sure and follow the safety guidelines when playing with their Wii’s. While the warning is certainly justified (the number of idiots hurting themselves, others, or even their possessions due to overly rough play is pretty staggering–if not kind of funny–as documented by the fine folks at Wii have a Problem).

The official content of the email follows after the break, so click that “read more” deal to see for yourselves. Ideally, you’re already smart enough not to hurt yourselves while playing, but if there are any doubts in your household, we definitely recommend printing this one out.

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First Impressions of Wii: Red Steel

During E3 I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the new Nintendo Wii in order to try out a game that just may be one of the system’s killer apps. Red Steel is a first person shooter set in modern day Tokyo; it is being developed by Ubisoft. The game makes excellent use of the system’s unique controller (affectionately referred to as the Wii-mote) for aiming, moving, and shooting.

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Nintendo Wii: Revolution Begins

In an entirely unexpected announcement this morning, Nintendo has unveiled the release name of the console formerly known as “Revolution” : The Nintendo Wii.

According to a cute animated release on Nintendo’s site, the name is pronounced “We” and is chosen for numerous reasons, including ease of pronunciation regardless of language, representation of the system’s unique Dual-Controller system and a bunch of other stuff you can read for yourself.

I’m not sure I hate the name, but I’m still pretty attached to Revolution. Either way, this is THE console to pick up for unique games in the coming generation. Can’t wait to see what happens.