MTV and Xbox 360

id anyone catch that Perfect Dark commercial on MTV last night?Β  It was supposed to focus on the new Xbox, but Perfect Dark stole the show and had more airtime. I must say that Perfect Dark looks great.
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Well, that MTV unveiling sucked!

Having just finished watching the MTV unveiling of the XBox 360 I have to say…what a letdown. Yeah, the system and the few glimpses of games we saw looked pretty cool, but I have to say that, all in all, the show
itself was very underwhelming.

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MTV lets it slip: XBox 360 out in November!


In what is sure to annoy Microsoft, MTV has now confirmed what Bill Gates let slip last week: That the new XBox 360 will ship in 2005. Further, MTV one-upped the Gatesmeister by giving us the exact month-November-in which the new system and its array of next-generation games will ship. Granted, we expected to learn all this at E3 in a couple of weeks anyway, but this news is nonetheless good for those who
can’t wait to step up to the next Next-Generation hardware wars.

Xbox 360 Pics Leaked!

Source: Engadget
In an interesting turn of events, it appears that Engadget, present at this weekend’s XBox unveiling party for the upcoming MTV special on Thursday evening, managed to get out the door with a cell-phone

snapshot of the new XBox. The box stands vertically in the image we’re given and appears to be a bright shade of white. Assuming the accompanying peripherals are the shipping defaults, it appears that rumors of a camera system with the Xbox 360 are in fact true. The controller appears to be a very slightly modified version of the current Controller-S, sans black and white buttons (how this will work out for older games in backwards compatibility mode is unclear).

Reaction on appears to be mixed, with most readers calling the box “ugly”. Like it or not, it does appear that the new XBox has been reveiled at last after months of speculation. Now all that remains
is to get a good look at the games and wait for this sucker to launch!