WoW-sers, those guys are pissed!

And heck, we like pissed, because pissed is funny. We’re pleased to welcome a new victim…err, friend into the fold with the introduction of the Angry WoW Gamer. It’s a funny site so far, with reports coming in from both players AND the ‘toons they play…uh, get played by. The AWG joins us as the third site in the Ugly Interactive Media Network.

Beyond just humorous commentary there are also some cool pics from the field, including what can only be described as “a Fucking LAND SHARK”. Clearly, Blizzard has some classic SNL fans in their employ!

Neat! free City of Villains game!

As an interesting promotion, Computer Gaming World is giving new subscribers a free full version copy of City of Villains! According to the press release the game comes with everything that the retail box version does, included free 30 days worth of subscription time.

Not bad! Now if only someone would give away Guild Wars with their magazine…

SOE has acquired The Matrix Online

Sony Online Entertainment now owns The Matrix Online, a massively multiplayer online game. SOE
president John Smedley stated “We will take steps to continue the same high level of service that subscribers have come to expect from The Matrix Online game.  Because of our compelling work in developing and launching that game we can now move it over to the leaders in the MMO space, SOE.”

Hero’s Journey E3 Preview

Have you ever wondered what you get when you cross Neverwinter Nights with an MMO? The answer is Hero’s Journey from Simutronics Corp. I spent a good deal of time talking with David Whatley, CEO and President about their new game. One thing he told me, which I felt was very important, is that  ” We put our
hearts in this Game.”

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