Xbox 360 hits home November 22nd

Source: Microsoft.

Laying to rest the question of when XBox 360 will finally land in consumer’s homes, Microsoft has announced that November 22nd is the day when the console will hit retail shelves. Hitting at 2 price points,
$299 for the “core” system and $399 for the “Premium” system, the unit will be the first “High Definition” game system on the market. Other improvements included with the system are a full-featured Media Center
Extender, allowing the box to stream high definition music and movies from networked servers (Full functionality report will be coming upon release!) and Media Center PC’s.

Check back here for more info as the launch date approaches!

Microsoft screws the pooch

Source: Prodigious Gaming.

In a move that can only be called “Incredibly stupid”, Microsoft today has decided to surrender one of their primary advantages over Sony’s PS3: The XBox 360 hard drive will be an addon. Flying in the face of all previous statements that “Every XBox 360 will have a 20GB hard drive out of the box”, Microsoft have apparently gone off their rocker and decided that rather than offering the consumer far more value than
Sony will in 6 more months, they’d rather just follow their competitor’s mistake and split the market, alienate developers and ensure the failure of the hard drive as a peripheral.

While it’s impossible to predict the short-term effect of this new development on any sort of scale, I can tell you this: I won’t be buying an XBox 360 at launch.

Update: Upon further review and consideration, I’ll have to admit to being wrong about the Premium bundle.

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XBox 360 gets support of top Japanese Developers…including some former Sony loyalists

Source: Microsoft

According to a press release this morning at Microsoft’s website, the XBox 360 Summit in Japan started off with a big bang this morning with the announcement of big support from more than 50 of Japan’s top
developers–including some who’ve been primarily Sony loyalists for years. The announcement comes as the even launches today and is sure to provide plenty of fodder for fanboys on all sides of the console spectrum. Regardless of their outlooks, though, one thing is clear: Microsoft has been working hard behind the scenes to cut some fabulous deals with Japan’s most famous developers in a bid to garner the big support that they need from Japan to win the next generation race.

For a full list of the games on display at the Summit and the developers who’ll be joining Microsoft’s camp, many for the first time, read on…

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Xbox 360 Equals more cash for NVIDIA

Looks like NVIDIA will benefit from Xbox 360 in the upcoming console “wars”. How, you ask?Β  Well in order to achieve backward compatibility, emulation of the original Xbox’s GPU will be needed. Here’s the catch: emulation of the NVIDIA hardware will entitle NVIDIA to royalty payments for every unit of Xbox360 sold,
perhaps another bad move for Microsoft’s next generation game console. This makes me wonder what other surprises are in store for (from?) Microsoft as they get close to their release date.

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PS3 looks Incredible! Yet, also, disappointing…

I’m sure you’ve seen the PS3 launch info over at IGN and other places by now. Unfortunately we weren’t able to be at the launch because, well, we all have jobs πŸ™‚ Nevertheless, we’re interested: what do you think? So far I have to say it looks very impressive. The appearance of the console is, much more attractive than the Xbox 360, though I suspect that some of their performance estimates are a bit dubious given the specs of the machine itself (which is typical of Sony: they overstated performance on both previous Playstations purely in order to market against their competition, truth be damned), but on the whole it does look decent.

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