Thus Spake The Lord

With a laugh, God said: “Let there be Government intervention.”

“All loony bins are full” Government reports

Soon, crazy people will be hitting the streets.

(UPI) The Government has reported in a national warning, “All of our public use loony bins are now full”, as told by a top official, Ima N. Ocrasi. Ms. Ocrasi went on to say: “Most soft walled bins only hold about 10-20 people, maximum. It’s not like the old days when you could forcefully stuff in several hundred. We now have fire regulations to observe.” The bins, which by law are expected to allow some minor comforts of life for the modern loon, are equipped with all sorts of modern luxuries, such as easily smearing Gov’t cheese, televisions and automated medication dispensers; oddly enough looking not too different from modern work cubes, but with far, far more luxury.

“Now that the Government bins are full we will need to find other locations, and seek other resources to place individuals who lack the ability to ‘function normally’ in our oblivious, nutball society. Currently, we are considering electoral options, as we have previously utilized this method with a specific individual on a 8 year trial basis.” Said Ms. Ocrasi.