E3 2005 Booth Babes

Well, I attended E3 2005 with the anticipation of joining the Anti-Booth Babes crowd. With the idea of acquiring my free pair of granny panties (and maybe a free shirt). Through out the entire time there I did not run into any Anti-Booth Babes people. The entire crowd there was wide eyed in taking it all in; I am not just
talking about the Booth Babes but all the cool games coming out soon. Personally I was mesmerized by Nintendo’s new Nintendogs; I just could not tear myself away from their booth. It is just an amazing game the puppies have all the real characteristics of a true life  puppy; they are playful, stubborn, and just cutie. Depending on the way you treat them they will respond back to you. The nicer you are the cuter they get.

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Well, a few years ago, a game was debuted for future release.  The game was called Prey, and it looked to be an exciting FPS entry.  I eagerly awaited its release only to find that it would be canceled a short time later.
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E3 Digested

This was the first of what I am sure will be many E3’s for me. My initial desire was to run in, check stuff out, run to the press room and post about it, then run back to the show floor, but the actual experience was much different than that. The first thing I learned about the E3 show is that it’s huge. Frickin’ Huge, I might
even say. I started wit’ mah possee at the West Hall, where Sony and Nintendo’s enormous booths were located and slowly worked my way through the hell that is the show floor, or rather, one of the show floors.

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Hero’s Journey E3 Preview

Have you ever wondered what you get when you cross Neverwinter Nights with an MMO? The answer is Hero’s Journey from Simutronics Corp. I spent a good deal of time talking with David Whatley, CEO and President about their new game. One thing he told me, which I felt was very important, is that  ” We put our
hearts in this Game.”

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My First E3 Experience

Well, I have to say that the sound and visuals are completely overwhelming for a first timer. I tried to take in as much as I could as I worked my way through the many booths and hordes of people. I was amazed by how much money some of the bigger companies would spend to get some press about their products. They would set up complex booths with scaffolding that would create a labyrinth around their products or some sort of big mockup of a bunker for a military game. The themes were amazing.

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