Review: Tetris DS

Tetris DS, developed and published by Nintendo, turns out to be much more than just a republication of a classic. Published March 20th, 2006, the new game features multiple new play modes, an internet WiFi
capability and the ability to wirelessly hold 10 player Tetris matches using just one cartridge. These features and more all come together to make the latest iteration of the puzzle classic far more than your average rehash.

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First Look: Metroid Prime Hunters

The long anticipated Nintendo DS title Metroid Prime Hunters has finally made its way into the hands of gamers everywhere today, March 21st, 2006. While I work my way through this little piece of portable FPS heaven I’ve decided to offer my first impressions of this landmark title in the growing catalog of Nintendo DS “Must-have’s”. Though the game’s Wifi multiplayer functionality has managed to get all the press since it’s announcement last year, there’s also a deep and engaging single player experience here that’s
well worth playing through.

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Nintendo still owns Handheld market, and Sony’s pissed


Like a screaming child who’s come to the realization that he’s not getting his way, Sony’s now resorted to calling the DS names. That’s right, folks, Sony’s own Phil Harrison, VP of development, has now resorted to calling the DS “a gimmick”. Well, Phil, maybe it’s a gimmick, but if it is, it’s a gimmick that’s kicking your ass.

What amazes me about these interviews and these incredibly arrogant statements from the Sony camp of late (apparently Kutaragi’s head-in-ass syndrome is spreading) is that it never comes down to them doing anything wrong, making any mistakes, failing to meet the needs of the audience. No, with Sony it always comes down to the calling of names and assertions that the competition isn’t as good or now, that they’re defining feature is a “gimmick”.

This, of course, brings up some other questions.

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