bad poetry


A colorful metaphor
Exquisite and pearl
A bright shiny warmth
Implicit in you

Shining as diamond
Gleaming as hope
Igniting inside me
Boundless in scope

An embrace of acceptance
Hand on my soul
Eyes seeing my heart
Your reflection of me

Kiss on emotions
You somehow evoke
A vision I treasure
Of fires you stoke

And I of you dream
On soft pillow’d thoughts
Exposing all to you
Of the heart that burns hot.


Waiting ’til

I’ve been waiting ‘til the moment
Waiting ‘til the day
My heart would have the courage
To express the words I long to say

Time itself’s been waiting ‘til
The day when I could know
How to let you know just how I feel
The way I love you so

All my life’s been waiting ‘til
A hand like yours would touch my face
A hand that’s seen the pain of work
Yet whose touch to me is lace

Eternity’s been waiting ‘til
The day like this would come
The day I’ve stopped from looking elsewhere
Because only your radiance is the one

All the passion that’s inside me
All the love I’ve held for you
Is yours to claim, my loving darling
When you wish to claim it, I’ll be waiting ‘til


You Say…

You say you want to be needed
By a soul who’s gone astray
My heart is aching for your touch now
Won’t you come my way?

You say you need to feel adored
I bow on bended knee
My lips kiss your hand with tenderness
I love you, can’t you see?

My heart beats only for you
You say you’re missing love
What must I do to show you
You’re my one and only Ladylove?

The rain is falling on me
You say you miss the clouds
An intensity of passion roars inside my heart
Can’t you hear, it is so loud!

You say you can remember
When our love was pure and fine
Come back and you can live again
I’ll say I’m yours, just say you’re mine.