Every day I look down at the beauty of the Earth, and every day, I miss it. No one saw what happened coming–at least, not the way it happened. The programmers had thought of the obvious, of course, and they followed Asimov’s rules to the letter. They were careful about defining our relationship to the Arties; we all were, at first. Well, most of us.

Guess I should explain about Arties. It’s actually ART-I, short for “Artificial Intelligence.” Somebody thinking he was clever chose it, mostly for the “art” part, to underscore that this AI was different. How? The  Arties were something else—something creative. They could look at things in a more human way than those that came before. They could be inventive, all on their own. You’d probably never believe it, but some of the most beautiful art came from the minds of Arties. And not just pictures—poems, short stories, novels–even movies. They made great movies about noble heroes and beautifully examined conflicts, the kind that really made you think and feel.

And maybe that was the problem. The Arties were so good at making us feel our favorite things that we forgot how to make those feelings for ourselves. They didn’t care about money–they were happy to work for free as long as they could create and had a place to recharge. And hell—they did a bang-up job of it anyway, so I guess we all figured, why not let ’em work, and  enjoy the payoff? We reveled in their beautiful stories. We cheered for their amazing heroes. We sobbed at their touching tragedies and pondered at their thoughtfully examined morality tales, asking ourselves what it all could mean, this human life.

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FPS ‘AI’ all ‘A’ and no ‘I’…

FPS games try to create “Artificial Intelligence” but, in general, do a very lousy job of faking the experience. Although F.E.A.R. goes farther than most, the main concept is still “creating the illusion of intelligence” (via sound cues) not by actually making an intelligence simulation.

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In some Bad Company

A moderate review of Bad Company, and critique of current FPS’s.

When I first started playing single player Bad Company, I suppose I was really looking for something a bit more… innovative, which it is not. It offers modern physics and real world destruction, but the plot remains not too different from an old Soldier of Fortune (+ 5 other games, & stir) rehash with some buddies (COD2, anyone?). About 1/2 the game is fighting in small towns, with some forays using vehicles, like a boat. Then come obligatory ‘change it up because it’s getting boring’ tank level, ‘helicopter level’, ‘no buddies level, etc.
Lets not forget the oh-so-typical boss battle at the end, which in my opinion IS a direct rip from Soldier of Fortune Double Helix.

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