New Logo! A3F Film!

So as if the fact that it’s now almost 10 years after the original 1986 Transformers movie took place (2005 seemed so…distant, back then) weren’t enough, I’ve just had a heck of a weekend. Most visible to you, dear visitor, will be the shiny new logo you see atop this glistening (if you spray your monitor down, anyway) website. Drawn by arteest extraordinaire Kelley Frisby, the new logo retains what was awesome about the old one (baby in a bag!), dumps what was so obscure about it (the pacifier, which almost nobody ever noticed) and adds a new “character” to the mix: the freaked-out bottle. Cute as shit.

But here’s the big fun: this weekend just past, from February 14th to 16th, I worked on a short animated film for the Almost Famous Film Festival in Phoenix, AZ, with the aforementioned Kelley Frisby, Linnea Lieberman and Eva Sowinski. I wrote and directed the piece, recorded the audio, composited the video and, finally, edited the damn thing. I don’t think I’m allowed to post it publicly just yet (which is fine, I’m tweaking the edit for public consumption anyway), but once I’m sure I won’t violate any festival rules and I’ve gotten the edit to a place I’m happy with, I’ll be sure to upload and share it. Until then, just stare at the pretty new logo. Ooooh…aaahhh!

Apologies for the delay…

As you can tell by looking at post dates, it’s been a solid 9 days since I’ve posted so much as an old poem. For that, I must apologize, but there are really good reasons involved, I promise you. For starters, I’m working on some very special projects that I’ll be revealing soon, and I’m very excited to tease those little nuggets.

On a happier note, some of you may have noted that I work with the Ugly Baby Studios team on short film and game projects (crap, did I just give something away?). In a topic related to both that and to Damn Short Stories, I am pleased to direct you to the Almost Famous Film Festival‘s website where you will note that the Ugly Baby Studios team’s 2006 short animated film “Double Vision” is Film of the Month for November. I both wrote the script for this film (story credits also go to Juliet Flores and Josh Jertberg) and created many of the 3D models (modeling credits also go to Juliet Flores, Lilla Lancaster and John Osgood, music credits to Mike Kukuk, gorgeous texture artistry was created by Juliet Flores and the World Design as well as custom VFX work was produced by Adam Hetrick in Unreal Engine 2) in addition to co-directing along with Josh Jertberg.

The A3F is a fantastic and fun event, but also a huge undertaking, especially for the Ugly Baby Studios team. To date we’re the only team who’ve ever completed and turned in an animated short film for the festival (3 in fact). Why, you ask, are we the only team to even try? I think it’s because we’re a)batshit insane, and b)just ballsy enough to think we can do an animated short in only 48 hours. And at that, I’m really looking forward to the next festival, as I intend for us to kick its ass!

A3F News: UBS Places in Top 20!!

The Ugly Baby Studios team learned today that the hard work and dedication of every member of the team has paid off! We’re officially in the Top 20 films of the A3F film festival, screening this coming Thursday in Phoenix Arizona!

Congratulations and thanks to the whole team: Josh Jertberg, John Osgood, Juliet Flores, Adam Hetrick, Andrew Halford, Lilla Lancaster, Mike Kukuk, Rafael Flores and Jason Ward. Great work!

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A3F 2006

As reported previously, the Ugly Baby Studios team has been working diligently on creating artwork for use in the A3F 2006 film festival in Phoenix, Arizona. Well, this past weekend, February 17th-19th, we went
to Phoenix, learned the requirements for the competition, came up with our story to meet said requirements and we animated, rendered and built a 3 minute, 25 second movie over the course of the weekend. Read on for more on how it went and how we managed to get this thing done in just under 48 hours.
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Just a little update…

For those who occasionally pop in and wonder, “why the hell haven’t they updated the site in a dog’s age?!”, I figured it was time to make a statement.

For the past couple of months the UBS team has been working diligently on developing artwork for use in a new animated short we’ll be “shooting” (virtually, anyway) for the A3F (Almost Famous Film Festival) later this month. The screening for the festival’s top 20 films (and we have every expectation of being one of those films!) will occur on March 2nd, 2006, so we’ll release the movie publicly a day or two following that event.

In the meantime you can head over to the gallery of our texture artist, Juliet Flores, to check out some of the work she’s done on some of our assets. Models shown there were created by our lead modeler, John Osgood. Expect more to show up as we near the release date of the film. Things around here should pick up a bit once we have some more free time.