So, just what the heck is Ugly Baby Studios, you ask? In some capacity, Ugly Baby Studios is a small team of artists, designers, writers, programmers and let’s just face facts here–geeks–who’ve put their time and energy together to create and encourage others to do the same. Over the years we’ve worked on some projects that were successful, and some that crashed and burned. We’ve worked on animated short films, MOD projects, and have recently begun delving into the mystery and magic of XNA.

Whatever else the Ugly Baby Studios team is, we’re a group of optimistic individuals with a wide range of talents and skills, and we’re always working on something new!

Now, from the fall of 2013 until the foreseeable future, Ugly Baby Studios serves primarily as the film school blog of Jason Ward, who, inspired by a love of storytelling and the encouragement of great friends and family with whom he’s worked on several projects, has decided to make this into a career rather than a mere hobby.