Getting Back To It

So there’s a pretty significant gap between this post and my last, and for a handful of reasons that are mostly good, with the down side being my near abandonment of Damn Short Stories. But you might notice, if you’ve kept occasionally popping in, that there is, today, a “content dump”. That’s because I’ve made a choice: Ugly Baby Studios will no longer serve as my outlet for blogs and other writings. I’m coming home, instead, to Damn Short Stories, because the truth of the matter is this: I need to be story focused, and when I write for this site, it forces me to think in stories.

Not that UBS is going away–on the contrary, it’s simply being repurposed. I’ve been working for some months now on building a small studio, suitable for filming independent videos of various sorts, and I’ll be using UBS as the branding for that effort. As such, that website’s content needed a new home, and since most of it was writing by me in one capacity or another, here we are. I’ll cull the chaff as soon as possible, but for now, here it is.

So what’s next for Damn Short Stories? First and foremost: a redesign will come soon, and then I’ll begin sharing short stories in a variety of ways, including some written as short screenplays. Should be fun.

See you soon!

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