13 Years Later…The Tick Returns!

The Tick. Patrick Warburton. Oh. My. god.

I don’t often have them, but tonight I had a “Squee!!” moment. Why? Because somewhere in the universe, a quantum fluctuation happened and now we’re getting, at the least, a new pilot for a reboot of the live action series “The Tick”, starring Patrick Warburton himself, in the title role.

If you didn’t see The Tick back in 2001, I have to tell you: go. Run to your nearest Netflix-enabled toaster and watch the living shit out of that show. It won’t take long: there are only 9 episodes, and they only last about 20 minutes apiece. But they are hilarious, as you’d expect from the likes of Barry Sonenfeld (of way too many funny things to list). The costume was amazing. Warburton’s delivery of the hapless titular “hero” was impeccable. Yes, it was stupid, but man was it the best kind of stupid possible.

I can’t wait.

  • Ed

    Dude, I had no idea it was coming back!! The original series, short as it was, was awesome! I was just telling a co-worker about it last week.

  • W00t! Yes, it was hilarious stuff. Yet another victim of Fox’s overzealous killing of quality shows. I hope they can get at least Arthur and Batmanuel back, too!

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