Elephant Shoes

Kaitlin Thomas reached across the bed as the first rays of dawn began to light her bedroom. She slipped her hand under the sheet and softly stroked her husband’s abdomen. She smiled, thinking of how he had felt in her last night; how he would feel in her again within moments. With a tenderness that whispered of great love mingled with lust she softly caressed his chest and nipples. A smile grew on her lips as the sheet above his pelvis swelled and twitched with an unconscious rhythm. 

She tore the sheet away, exposing her husband to the morning, and with a movement that wasted neither time nor energy she maneuvered to engulf all that he had to give her. “Ooh, Ashraf” she moaned, pressing herself downward. The pale alabaster of her Irish skin contrasted starkly with his dark Arabian flesh, and Kaitlin smiled as only a girl with the joy of a naughty thought can. Ashraf reached up to caress the rich red of her hair as his eyes fluttered open, and he whispered “I love you…good morning.” Kaitlin smiled, mouthed the wordless reply her husband had come to expect, and knew he imagined hearing the words she had never spoken: “I love you”. 

As Kaitlin’s hips moved in a deliberate rhythm she closed her eyes and imagined how her stomach would feel, round and full as Ashraf’s child grew inside her. “It’s too soon,” he would say if he knew her feeling, but she kept the thought all to herself as she worked for her reward. Her eyes opened with a smile as she thought about the ovulation cycle begun only a day before. Coupled with the thought of two, nearly three months unused birth control pills hidden in the file cabinet behind the life insurance policy, Kaitlin felt a delightful and warm sense of justification. Ashraf didn’t know, of course, and would never understand. Though his name meant “most honorable” and his character reflected it in the truest way she had ever known, Kaitlin felt no such restrictions; she cared only that what she wanted most, a child, he could give her.

The sudden blaring of the alarm clock startled them both: 6:15AM. Ashraf reached to turn it off but Kaitlin pushed him down on his pillow and increased her pace; she whimpered softly, knowing that as she approached her edge, he would be forced over his. “Honey, my flight,” Ashraf protested with an unconvincing smile; “Shhh…almost there” she whispered, and with a powerful effort she ground herself hard against him. With a gasp and a shudder she cried out, trembling as sweat dripped from her brow and her lower lip curled slightly into her mouth in the most convincing fake orgasm of her life. Instantly she knew her ruse had succeeded: Ashraf’s eyes rolled back and he cried aloud. She felt warmth and moisture spread within her as she sighed with genuine happiness: “Mmm…sweet seed”. 

Ashraf pulled his wife close and kissed her swiftly, then rolled her onto her back as he leapt from the bed. “I love you honey, but I’ve gotta hurry! Can you make some coffee?” “Of course, babe” she replied as he disappeared into the bathroom. The shower came to life as she turned off the alarm clock, lifted her legs to her chest and lay there while her husband’s gift worked its magic. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply as her heart slowed. She softly caressed her abdomen, her face wrapped in a smile that was half sweet wife and half wicked woman. When she heard the shower stop she leapt to her feet, wrapped herself in a heavy burgundy robe and slipped quietly down the stairs to pour her husband’s coffee. 

When he appeared at the foot of the stairs in his suit and tie Ashraf smiled at his wife with a devious grin and exclaimed “I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately, but I like it.” She smiled with a naughty laugh and kissed her husband a last time as she intoned with her best sultry voice, “You’ve gotten into me lately, and I like it too.” Kaitlin pulled away, collected a travel mug from the coffee table, and with her best good girl expression and pose she deposited the cup lovingly in his right hand. He smiled as he stepped to the door, where he stooped for just a moment to collect the heavy suitcase that would accompany him on his flight. “I love you. I’ll miss you” Ashraf said with a tender and heavy weight in his eyes. His wife batted her eyelashes and mouthed her wordless reply as her husband finally stepped through the door and closed it. 

Kaitlin rolled her eyes with a sigh as she turned, plopped softly on the couch and powered the TV on. She smiled as a warm feeling in her tummy told her that soon she would have no more worries about her child, her husband, or the bomb she had packed in his suitcase.


*Author’s Note: This story has been revised from its originally posted version. The primary purpose of this revision was to clean up the language, reduce the usage of “and” as a connecting tool, and to further define both characters. I feel that the story has become substantially improved as a result!

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