UBS takes 12th overall!

So after a harrowing week in which I forgot to renew the domain name for the website, it’s all back up and running like new again, thank goodness. To make matters a little more pleasant, I’m pleased to report that the Ugly Baby Studios team’s short film “Double Vision” has placed 12th overall in the A3F 2006 Film Festival competition.

For those who don’t know the specifics, The UBS team was up against 64 other teams this year, which cranked out a staggering 56 short films to compete against.

In addition, as a team focused on animation and game art, we were up against the natural prejudice against animation in films. Some of the competition was pretty stiff–and some of it was pretty weak. While
most of us felt a twinge of disappointment at 12th place (especially given that some of the films that placed better overall entirely ignored things like the prohibition against explicit violence, and the use of the prop overall was pretty pathetic), in the end we’ve got to look at the golden side: 44 other *Live Action* films, including 8 in the top 20, were effectively left in our dust. Ideas are already brewing for next year’s competition, to say nothing of the projects we’ve got simmering for 2006.

Thanks to the entire UBS team, the A3F judges and organizers, especially Jae Staats, who’s a great guy and a pleasure to meet every year at this event. Look for announcements soon, as well as the posting of the Director’s Cut of Double Vision!

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